Our Allies

Thanks to the institutions that collaborate with us and their support is vital to achieve great changes.

Clínica Delgado

Thanks to the support of the Delgado Clinic, we have been able to implement bedding and collaborate with various Institutions at the National level, in campaigns and social cases that we attend to throughout the year. Rezola Cañete Hospital Quilmana Maternal and Child Medical Center Chachapoyas Nursing Home Fire Company 49 Huanta Charity.

United Way

Collection of clothing and warm blankets, from its associated companies, which allows us to reach more communities.

Golden Palace

Kits of outerwear for children, toys, outerwear and blankets for older adults. Thanks to your support we were able to carry out campaigns in the Ayacucho and Huancavelica Regions.


Company dedicated to the manufacture of silver jewelry. Qullqi our donor, who helps us implement modern libraries. To whom we thank for their important support.

ONG Madre Coraje

Allied institution, who through a rigorous evaluation provide us with books and didactic material, to be delivered to the most remote schools and colleges in Peru.

AJE Group

Present in our Campaigns, donating a large quantity of Water and drinks. Humanitarian Campaigns.


Carrying over time the most important food for children.


An ally that accompanies us in the Campaigns with the greatest impact, managing to reach the coldest places in Peru and those in extreme poverty with their help. Humanitarian Aid in Energies at the National Level.

Banco de Alimentos Perú

With the support of the Food Bank and Donor Companies, we managed to reach the National Level in various Civic actions, carried out by the Army, Air Force and Navy of Peru.

Ministerio de Defensa

Together with the Ministry of Defense, we managed to get our help to places in emergency. We work at the National Level, with the support of Socially Responsible Companies.

Fuerza Aérea del Perú

We act immediately in the face of disasters that affect our country. Managing to reach all the affected places with the support of the Armed Forces.


USA based lifestyle and streetwear brand. YIFNO financial donations is helping us with our School campaign, Christmas Drive  and to provide water tanks and Green houses

Jenny Velasquez Design

USA Company dedicated to provide Interior Design services . Their donations is helping us with our School campaign, Christmas Drive  and to provide water tanks and Green houses.